My Story - Learn more about Gina Gant Collection

Want to know my story...My name is Gina and I am the Creator and Designer of Gina Gant Collection...the art of Pearls!  My Collections are designed with quality and some unique Pearls!  Having lived in Hong Kong has allowed me the opportunity to develop relationships that have allowed me to have been in the Pearl/Jewelry business for over 15 years!

Everyone ask, where did I get the name "Gina Gant" from? "Gant is my Mother's family name and My family calls me "Gina".  So, I felt Gina Gant would be an appropriate name to call my business... Gina Gant Collection...the art of Pearls! has a ring to it!!!

I am excited to share my Designs with you!  Pearls are a must have for all and they can be worn with any apparel...Dress up or Dress down! I will be adding Designs stay tune! And be ready to wear!

Just know that I stand by all of the products on the website and know that Pearls are my passion!

Enjoy and feel free to contact me with questions and ideas!